Best tweets from Friday morning

08 Apr

Greetings from a warm Southport during the National Union of Journalist’s conference. Here is a selection of the best #nujdm tweets from the first hour of the conference.

“Whoever thought freedom of the press would depend on the internet connection in Southport Theatre & Convention Centre?” @COLLMCCOLGAN
[in response to] “Whoever thought freedom of the press would be for those who could afford it?” asks Dear… @COLLMCCOLGAN

General Secretary Jeremy Dear’s parents are at the #nujdm for the first time. @LARENMELIAW
Annual DM

Should #nujdm be every year? Speakers in the NO queue outnumber YES by three to one. @WHEALIE

Just been handed a flyer for the 60+ meeting. I need a new moisturiser. @GRIFFINKATE

Standing Orders Committee? Doesn’t sound like many of them can stand – they have been struck by illness and inury. @WHEALIE
In it together?

Jeremy Dear: “If we needed more proof that George Osbourne’s lie that ‘we are all in it together’ then today is the day.” @MISSBROOKS7

“We have marched together, now we must be prepared to strike together too” – Jeremy Dear, General Secretary @COLLMCCOLGAN
BBC cuts

Dear: “Let the BBC hear this well – we will not stand idly by while you wreck services and force skilled staff out of their jobs.” @WHEALIE

Dear: “They want to turn the open Internet into a closed, private toll road”. It’s not even a footpath here @WHEALIE

#nujdm standing ovation for Jeremy Dear’s speech @MISSBROOKS

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