Second round up of best tweets of Friday morning at DM meeting

08 Apr

Here’s some more highlights of #nujdm tweets from Friday morning at the Delegate Meeting, which I’ve been covering as social media editor.

It’s like a green Mexican wave sitting in the main hall, the hands go up and down, up and down with their green cards @NPROBINSON1

Simon Vaughn – “Director General of the BBC does not have journalists’ best interests at heart” @SAMFROMSTROUD

75% of job losses in local government to be women @GARETHDOWLING
Sobering up

I’m starting to sober up, the horror the horror @OWEBB

Peter Murray yelled at delegate for holding a debate in front row of the main hall. @NPROBINSON

Love how Pat Healy on stage did the strike movement across her neck and the technician turned the microphone back on! @JMUCKLEY

EDL. Extremely Degrading Lunatics @JMUCKLEY
Historic struggles

“Why didn’t people discuss it like adults?” – heated debate on point of order…. @SAMNEWSHAM

Donnacha DeLong cites 1936 Battle of Cable Street as an example of historical struggles against fascism in Britain @SAMFROMSTROUD

“The only real managers are accountants!” @SAMFROMSTROUD

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