A history of the NUJ and the Delegate Meetings

09 Apr

Here’s some context for the Delegate’s Meeting taking place this weekend.


General: Liberal Party wins general election and introduces legislation enshrining legal protection to Unions

NUJ/DM: Journalists discuss forming a Union


General: ‘Banker’s Panic’ financial crisis in USA

NUJ/DM: NUJ founded at conference in Birmingham


General: London hosts the Summer Olympics and first large suffragette rally; Geiger counter invented

NUJ/DM: First Annual Delegate Meeting (ADM) in Leeds


General: Sir Ernest Shackleton discovers south magnetic pole; Woolworths opens first store

NUJ/DM: Second ADM in London; NUJ has 1,217 members


General: King George I of Greece assassinated; Neils Bohr presents quantum model of the atom

NUJ/DM: NUJ opens first office in Manchester


General: First World War begins

NUM/DM: Newspapers lay off staff and enforce a 2.5p weekly levy to fund wartime unemployment pay


General: Paris bombed by German zeppelins for first time

NUJ/DM: First Scottish ADM, in Glasgow


General: USA declares war on Germany; first International Women’s Day observed in Russia

NUJ/DM: Alice Chalmers-Lawford becomes first woman delegate at ADM


General: Ernest Rutherford predicts the existence of the neutron

NUJ/DM: Chalmers-Lawford becomes first woman elected to the National Executive Council (NEC)


General: First Labour Government elected

NUJ/DM: NUJ appoints first full-time organiser, Clement Bundock


General: Second World War begins

NUJ/DM: NUJ moves headquarters from London to Herefordshire for safety from war


General: First meeting of the United Nations held in London

NUJ/DM: First ‘chapel’ in BBC and London Radio branch founded


General: J.R.R. Tolkein’s The Lord of the Rings published

NUJ/DM: BBC formally recognises NUJ


General: The Beatles release Sgt. Pepper; 10,000 march against Vietnam war in San Francisco

NUJ/DM: Beginning of ‘chapel power’ as strike takes place at Middlesborough Gazette


General: Apollo 14 lands on moon

NUJ/DM: Refusal by ADM to register under Industrial Relations Act overturned by membership ballot


General: First scientific hand-held calculator introduced

NUJ/DM: ADM sets up first Equality Committee to help women members;

Fleet Street ‘chapels’ win pay rises


General: Labour wins two UK elections; IRA bomb Birmingham, leading to the Prevention of Terrorism Act

NUJ/DM: Bid by ‘chapel power militants’ to have NUJ General Secretary Ken Morgan sacked fails at ADM


General: Margaret Thatcher becomes Conservative Party’s first female leader

NUJ/DM: Race Relations Working Party set up to boost journalists from ethnic minorities


General: Robert Mugabe elected Prime Minister of Zimbabwe

NUJ/DM: ADM, held in Northern Ireland, debates a record 382 motions


General: Gerry Adams elected leader of Sinn Féin

NUJ/DM: Merger talks between the NUJ and the National Graphical Association (NGA) fail


General: IBM unveils first laptop computer

NUJ/DM: 6,000 newspaper workers go on strike in Wapping dispute; ‘Gaddafi Telegram’ affair as ADM

reacts to bombing of Libya


General: First McDonald’s in Moscow opens; Iraq invades Kuwait, leading to the First Gulf War

NUJ/DM: NUJ financial crisis with debt of £1.5m; a third of staff made redundant


General: Republic of Yugoslavia breaks up; signature of the Maastricht Treaty

NUJ/DM: Attempt at ADM to reinstall NUJ General Secretary Steve Turner

(sacked for defying policy on print unions) fails


General: Channel Tunnel opens; Rwandan Genocide

NUJ/DM: Anita Halpin third NUJ woman President


General: ‘New Labour’, elected two years previously, implement devolution

NUJ/DM: NUJ Scottish Council set up


General: Italy win World Cup

NUJ/DM: NUJ membership passes 40,000


General: Half a million (including NUJ members) march in London against Government cuts

NUJ/DM: ADM in Southport

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