Final thoughts on NUJ DM 2011

02 May

It’s been nearly a month after the National Union of Journalists’ Delegate Meeting 2011 in Southport, and the memory of that weekend still lingers. The frantic running from our ‘base camp’ room, where all student delegates would report to in the morning, to the main conference room and the fringe meetings upstairs; me not figuring out how to work the camera properly during the Socialist Worker’s Party fringe meetings; being the first person to post the top ten of the most amusing #nujdm tweets (and there was a lot of them); watching Colombian journalist Claudia Duque get a standing ovation after her speech; getting involved in a bizarre cross-debate during the Stop The War fringe meeting over Libya with a veteran photographer in the audience called ‘Stalingrad’; performing a karaoke version of ‘Baby I Love You’ by The Ramones to an audience of about ten at the nearby pub to the conference centre; having about five hours sleep between Thursday and Friday; having to edit the film below in about an hour on iMovie, a program I’ve never used before; feeling sunburnt on Sunday after sitting in the sun in the front of aforementioned pub after the conference had finished, killing time waiting for my train; and, of course, pogoing to the punk covers band on Saturday night when they played (again) The Ramones’ ‘Sheena Is A Punk Rocker’ among many others, in honour of dearly departed NUJ General Secretary Jeremy Dear – a massive Clash fan. Reminds me of when I was in a Ramones tribute band ten years ago. Hope you’ve enjoyed my posts and Twitter coverage on this microblog. Thanks to my fellow student delegates, everyone who took part in the NUJ DM 2011, and anyone who has been reading this.



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